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Unexpected Occurrences {working title}

Here is where you will be able to follow along with the progress I make on getting my 2011 Nano winning novel ready to publish.I may even add little tidbit, or previews of the book here from time to time.

Current Stage:

Completed rough draft. draft, beginning of revisions. First two chapters have made their rounds in my crit groups and I received some interesting feedback, which I'm taking into account as I work on the first round of revisions. This round I'm focusing solely on the characters, fleshing them out, bringing them to life and their interactions with each other. I'm also considering cutting some characters completely.

First attempt at a blurb:

Kanda is the Tohopka princess. Her people are an ancient Tiger/Shifter race who lost their abilities to shift over time, but can still communicate with their inner animals. She has hidden powers which no one knows about. Both of her parents were killed the night she and her protector, Elan, fled the castle.

Tohon is the youngest son of a rival clan's leader. He would rather spend his time out in the battlefield then be tied down to any woman, least of all an outsider.

When her secret powers start to emerge she struggles to keep them hidden, not understanding what a gift she’s been given. She becomes determined to return to her homelands and free the remainder of her people.

With the help of both Elan and Tohon she must battle the Nashoba, a bunch of werewolves that are also the Tohopka’s most fearsome enemies. Kanda must also keep her powers from falling into the hands of evil in order to prevent worldwide chaos.

Author's Note:

Still not completely satisfied with the blurb but at least it's something to start with. I can always refine it later when I'm actually ready for the book to hit shelves.

First excerpt:

Her eyes clouded with tears. A sharp pain seized her chest. Her body jerked as screams echoed from one of the main rooms. Her fuzzy triangular ears pressed flat against her head and her stomach roiled. She bit back the bile that threatened to rise in her throat. Evil energy assailed her mind like a slow moving poison.

Blood soaked ground, strewn with mangled bodies invaded her mind. Terrified screams rent the air as a large dark grey wolf continued to ruthlessly maul the bodies. He towered over the sea of body parts with blood dripping from his wide, thick fangs. Yellow eyes stared directly at where she stood. Kanda inhaled short shallow bursts as she tried to breathe through the thick stench of malice. Her mind screamed in terror as the charred remains of the once glorious city and castle filled her mind’s eye.

Cover Art: All cover art is being done by my wonderfully talented husband. I have finally settled on a scene where the Kanda is traveling through the swamp. I can't wait to the captivating cover he's already started completed. It's so beautiful! I'll post a pic as soon as it's finalized.

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