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Friday, December 30, 2011

Current Activities.

Currently a friend of mine, who is a more experienced writer than I am, is going through my Nano novel and doing a thorough critique for it. Thanks so much for doing this, I really appreciate it.

While she does that I'm expanding my notes for my Double Trouble manuscript. Tonight I'm doing thorough notes for deepening the characterizations.

I know some of you really like them, but I went through it and can see there is still room to improve them. I've been working on writing out the rest of the MS. I have manged to write out a chapter and a half for it in the past few days.

I will not post the particulars about the plot, for obvious reasons, but I will post updates about the progress I'm making.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Let the Revisions Begin!

Ever feel like you've been smacked with a wet noodle the size of Cleavland? Reality has a way of doing that to you when you least expect it.

Don't get me wrong, I never claimed to be an expert writer or anything. but, after six years of writing fan-fiction and receiving positive feedback, I never expected to need to do quite so much work during the revision process for any of my manuscripts.

That will teach me to think that just because my fan base for fan-fictions think I'm "Such an awesome writer" that I am anywhere close to knowing just how much hard work really is required to succeed. Determination, a deep passion for writing, time and patience, are only the beginning.

It takes blood, sweat, and tears to succeed as a writer.

Truer words have never been spoken. Most beginning writers think that writing the book all the way to the end is the hard part.


That's just the icing of the cake.

Revision is truly the longest and hardest part of getting any book ready to publish. I'm often told "It can take up to ten years to get one manuscript ready to publish." And now I know why.

Revising means picking every tiny aspect apart and combing through it, one piece at a time. Pieces you've spent days and even weeks working on trying to perfect them, end up being completely useless. Yet you struggle over whether to cut them or not. Talk about painful!

Blood, sweat, and tears, truly are the foundation of what makes a good writer stand out. You have to build on that layer by layer, or there will never be a solid product.

With my current manuscript round one of revisions is a little over half done. I've been working on it daily since the beginning of December. I have discovered the plot has some major holes in it, which I've been trying to address during this revision.

Thanks to the feedback I've received through my crit groups and a few friends, I know my opening hook certainly works as intended. So that's one huge hurdle passed. I know that the story is garnering quite an interest among my peers and fellow writers, as well as my Live Journal friends. Way more then I ever expected it to.

I've also learned that at the moment it's catching the interest of male and female readers equally at my crit groups. That was quite unexpected and gives me a bit of insight for my marketing procedure, when I'm ready for that step.

And yes, I said crit groups, as in plural. One can be enough, but I thrive on the feedback I receive from as many people as I can. Especially the blunt, in your face, feedback. If you can't take honest constructive criticism, to the point of bordering on a "flame" then don't bother trying to get published. Crit groups are there to help you grow as a writer and they are mild compared to what a professional editor will say.

Anyways, let's get back on track here. The characterizations aren't quite as good as they can be yet. I've made a list of things to do to improve those during the second round of revisions.

The plot has managed to hold the interest of the people who have read it all the way through. It just needs the plot holes filled and some spit and polish. So, at least the 82,176 words of my manuscript aren't a complete waste. There is a gem hidden beneath the massive weight of work ahead of me. I just need to dig up the gem and polish it. That's a huge relief!

I have, for the first time since I started writing, deleted an entire chapter that did nothing to move the plot forward. Wow was that rough! So many hours perfecting that chapter, only to find it was useless. ouch! But I sucked up my courage and cut it. I've also added two other chapters that really move the plot along since then.

Round two will take even longer, because it goes much deeper, directly into the meat of the writing itself. I plan to address the entire "story-telling" concept as well as refining the characterizations and filling in the remaining plot holes. Now that's going to take some serious commitment to accomplish all three steps during one round of revisions.

Over all I keep telling myself every bit of pain and sorrow will be worth all of the effort and hard work because in the end I will succeed. I just have to be patient and rigorous.

In conclusions I'd like to take a moment to say that I greatly appreciate all of the continued feedback I receive and eagerly look forward to the next step of this enlightening journey.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaNoWriMo in a nutshell.

It has certainly been a wild two weeks for me. I'll just copy and paste my live journal entries here to catch everyone up on what's been happening.

NaNoWriMo Update II

Oct. 29th, 2011 at 6:43 PM

Well here we are Down to the last couple days before the big bang starts. I've got my plot planned out. I know each of my characters pretty well. I even know how the first five chapters will play out down to the last detail. I'm taking a four day long absolute breakaway from all writing and editing endeavors {minus this update} as well. So come the contest, I'll be starting fresh. Wish me luck. XD


NanoWriMo Update III

Nov. 1st, 2011 at 9:31 PM

It's official, Nano started at midnight. From midnight until two am was the Nano writer's midnight kick off. Today is also the first official check in for nano. The rest will be bi weekly. The daily word goal is 1667 words. Most of us have already surpassed that goal. So we are technically ahead of the game. XD

I will try to update this post from time to time with a chart of my progress. But no promises. this month my main focus will be Nano.


NanoWriMo Update IV

Nov. 5th, 2011 at 9:47 PM

So here it is nearing the end of day Five and I've just updated my submitted words. I just broke the 24,000 word mark today. Yay! I have ten chapters completed and an eleventh one started.

I'm realistic enough to know that thing won't keep going this smooth, so I'm glad I've managed to almost reach the halfway mark already. I have notes for finishing chapter eleven and even for chapter twelve wrote out already. Past that I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

I've already discovered two big things. One: Shutting off my inner editor is proving to be the most difficult part of everything thus far. And Two: I had originally planned for Kanda {My MC} and Tohon {her intended love interest} to marry, but as the story moves along it's looking like it will most likely end up with them as friends and Kanda {My MC and her best friend/protector Elan who end up together. Their relationship has taken a very unexpected twist given certain circumstances.

The last thing I want to do is to try and force the characters onto a set path, that will only stifle the story and ruin the rest of the experience in writing it. I have given my characters full reign and will follow their lead and see where it goes. After all this is just the rough draft of the novel and I'm curious to find out how it will play out.

Tomorrow is my husband's Birthday and I've promised to completely break away from writing for the entire day and spent the day with him. I'm looking forward to the break after cranking out nearly half the intended goal in just five days. It will also help me get some perspective on the writing before I continue typing away.

Just last night my regional Liaison challenged us to hit the 15K mark by midnight tomorrow. Since I've exceeded even that I think one day away will do me good and I know it will please my husband.


NanoWriMo Update V

Nov. 11th, 2011 at 9:00 PM

So it's nearing the end of day 11. Happy Veteran's day to all of our wonderful Veterans. XD

Unfortunately I've been sick the past few days so two of those days I was lucky to manage a total of 1,000 words each. However do not despair. For I have just started my fifteenth chapter tonight and when I submitted my words I broke the 40,000 mark!

I'm so happy. This week hasn't been very kind to me or my word count, but I'm still on track for where I wanted to be at this point.

Most of the Nanoers this year have opted to do something special today like the 11 hours of writing, or 11,111 words for the day. Other are opting to add a simple 1,111 words to their daily count and others still are opting for 11 sprints of 11 minutes of of solid writing each. Most are also adding a Veteran or reference to them in their novels.

Since I'm still a bit sick and so are both of my children, I can't dedicate 11 hours or even 11,111 words. Since I hit my 15K by last Sunday and am well ahead of where I needed to be for the 50K by the end of the month goal, I opted for the 1,111 words added to my daily count. Tonight I submitted a total of 7,670 words. So I'm happy with that.

Reaching the 11,111 words would have put me under 6K away from the finishing goal. As much as I'd have loved to do it, life had other ideas for me today. Mommy and wife duties must come first. I'm just really glad I broke 40K tonight. All in all I'm very pleased with how well I've done thus far.

As far as the plot line goes, I've hit another major twist I never would have expected and now Kanda {my MC} seems to be developing feelings for Tohon as well as Elan. Both relationships have taken unexpected turns and changed drastically, so at this point even I can't guarantee which one she will end up with.

Currently she's at odds with both of them for different reasons. Plot wise I'd say I've at least reached the halfway point if not a bit past it.

Being a pantster {someone who writes without turning back and without a plot set in stone} has proved entertaining to say the least. XD


NanoWriMo Update VI

Nov. 12th, 2011 at 9:56 PM

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I saved my progress after completing chapter seventeen which put me a little over 3,669 words away from the 50K goal when I submitted my progress. I checked back and *poof* the ENTIRE chapter seventeen was just gone! As in completely vanished...

After I got over my little panic attack while making dinner, I sat down and typed up notes for a rewrite of chapter seventeen and then sat down to rewrite the entire chapter again. Thank God I had the little nuances and important details still fresh in my head. As I rewrote the chapter little things equally important were re-jogged in my mind and I added them to the notes.

Finally almost three hours later I have completed the rewrite of seventeen. I even somehow added 22 words to my tally. I also add a smidgen more depth to the emotional turmoil in the chapter. *wipes brow* So As far as I can tell the new version of seventeen has everything important from the first chapter and a few new things.

I'm so glad I was able to calm down {thank you Japanese garden music and the Indian music i found on youtube a couple nights ago.} I had played them the first time around so I decided it couldn't hurt to listen to them again while I worked on the rewrite.

I had hoped to finish the last 3, 647 words I now need to reach the 50K mark by tonight, but after panicking over a completely ghosted chapter. THE most crucial one thus far since it's really the turning point of my entire plot line, mind you... and rewriting said vanished chapter, I'm totally drained for the night.

I just know that if I try to force out the last bit tonight I'm going to hit writer's block. Despite the fact that I planned out the remaining nine chapters earlier today and made notes for each chapter in the chapters, i;ve decided to settle for tomorrow instead and will spend the rest of the night relaxing amidst tending my sick hubby and kids.


NanoWriMo Update VII

Nov. 13th, 2011 at 5:05 PM

Victory is mine! *does a little victory dance* I submitted chapter nineteen tonight, which ends with a major cliffhanger and is the first of two chapters not in the MC's POV. My word total as of this moment is 50,356. I am so relieved I made it and before the month was even half over.

Of course I have every intention of trying to type out the remaining seven chapters before this month is over, but now I can relax and not have to stress over word counts so much. *pats self on the back* It only took me thirteen days, despite the whole household now being sick. Yup I'm sick again... Ah the joys of being a mother. XD

Now I'm going to start dinner and figure out how to reward myself for reaching the first intended goal of 50K words. I won't allow myself to read my newest book that hubby got me until after I finish the final seven chapters of this novel. So, maybe a new movie to watch or a special desert? Hm, I'll figure out something. ;)


So as you can probably tell from reading everything up above, Nano has been a very interesting writing adventure for me thus far. The month isn't over yet either. I'm nervous and excited to see what will happen next. XD

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's just around the corner and this year I'm going to enter. In fact, I've already registered and completely signed up. I've been getting pretty active in the forums lately too.

So, down to business.

Currently I still have a few plot kinks to iron out and I still have to finish getting to know my villain inside and out. Otherwise, I'm ready to go.

Plot Synopsis:

Kanda, the Chiyoshi princess, has rare powers which the council wants passed down to the next generation. Both of her parents are dead, which has caused strife for the elders since she is only seventeen and cannot officially ascend to the throne until she turns eighteen.

Tohon, the youngest son of a rival clan’s leader, would rather spend his time out in the battlefield then be tied down to some woman. When his older brother dies at the hands of an enemy, Tohon is forced to take his brother’s place as the new soon-to-be head of the family.

With no one officially on the throne rival clans are positioning to take eradicate Kanda's people. With the help of Elan, her childhood friend and the closet thing she has to a brother, she must battle their most fearsome enemies and keep her powers from falling into the hands of evil in order to prevent worldwide chaos.


As you can see the synopsis is finished. I can't wait for Nov 1st to arrive so that I can start the first chapter. I will let everyone know how I do when the time comes. XD



Last night I was talking over my plot idea with a close friend of mine and a new fan of my fanfictions and together managed to get over my crux of working out a viable crucible for the villain in my novel entry. Now the flood gates have opened and my creative juices are flowing nice and smooth. I now have a solid Fantasy element for the novel. Thank you both so much. XD

As you can see a lot more of the plot is ironed out now. Just a little more smoothing out to do with pieces of it and then I'll be ready to type the chapters up. I went with Indian names for my characters thus far. Something new for me as I'm usually using Japanese or American names.

Right now I'm breaking the scenes down into chapters and working up a followable treatment for it. After that I'll figure out the weak spots and go back and strengthen them.

Kanda translates to Magical Powers. Since my MC has unique magical powers I fell this name suits her perfectly.

Tohon translates to Cougar. Since he is the MC's love interest and the Hero, strong and fearless, and the Chiyashi are a cat people race, I feel this suits him best.

Elan translates to friendly. Since Kanda's childhood best friend is very friendly, I feel this names suits him best.

Wow, preparing an entire novel in less than a full month has been a real challenge, but I'm glad it's all working out. Best of all I have the full support of my husband behind me for this writing endeavor. It is a huge relief to have him backing me on taking such a huge step towards my ultimate goal.

He is the light of my life and so are our kids. To know they are behind me is the best motivation in the world. Everyone supporting my decisions and wishing me luck is so awesome. I wouldn't have the courage to take such a big step without all of you backing me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Down to Business

Many of my faithful readers are looking to switch from writing fanffics to writing novels. So let's get straight down to business.

The differences between fanfiction and novels are too numerous to list, because this post would be overly long. Instead I'm taking a different approach. I'm only going to stress the most important differences.

When writing fan fiction, you already have established characters and somewhat of a fan base. Particularly fellow fans of the anime, cartoon, book, or super hero you are writing about.

When writing a novel, you create everything from scratch. You must ceate characters that the readers can connect with. If the readers cannot connect with your characters, then they won't care what happens to your characters. If they don't care what happens, why keep reading?

The ultimate goal of all writers is to keep their readers interested. To do this, we have to create characters that will hold their attention. We want the plot to keep them on the edge of their seats.

Personally, I like to start by creating the main character first and the villain next. From there, I create the world they will exist in.

World building is extremely important and can be tough. You have to create every aspect. Inhabitants, surroundings, society laws, time line. It must be done in a way that seems natural, with nothing forced, or you won't be able to draw the readers into you world.

Often by this point the plot line is already shaping up nicely, at least for me. I like to think of ways to challenge my hero. Several different challenges tend to keep the tension high. Several unexpected twists tend to make things fun for me as a writer. I like surprising my readers, but it has to feel natural, not forced. If it feels forced, it will only confuse the readers.

Too much confusion and they will put the book down and walk away. That is exactly what we want to avoid. Readers who put a book down, often tend to never finish the book. Odds are most likely they won't buy another book from that author either. Lost sales leads to less chance of getting another book contract.

Monday, September 26, 2011

An update and Thanks.

Let's see if I can finally start doing this at regular intervals again. With winter coming, the heat will no longer be an issue. Now onto my current updates.

Fan Fiction News:

Stormy Knight Seduction - Has officially ended. I posted the final chapter yesterday. I'm 80% happy with the final version of the story. So I'm satisfied with it being completed.

Next one on the agenda is Bankotsu's Greatest Challenge. I'm approximately nine chapters away from completing this one. I have the plot all laid out, just need to actually write up the chapters, edit, finalize and then post them.

My Enemy My Friend will be next on the fanfic agenda. All I can say for sure is it's at least half finished at this point.

I have no clue how long any of the rest will actually turn out to be.

Small Youkai Lovers - Is going to be completely revised.

Irony Is A Bitch - Is being written chapter by chapter with no solid plan for the plot. I have notes of course, but no solid plot actually planned out. A new experiment I'm toying with in order to challenge my writing abilities.

Against All Odds - This one is another story that is being done one chapter at a time, with minimal notes and nothing set in stone except a few minor details such as who the couples will be. {That, dear readers, is for me to know, and you to figure out as the story progresses.}

Novels News:

Double Trouble, my current WIP, is coming along nicely. I've received some insightful tips on how to continue to improve this ones plot line. The first few chapters are going to be heavily scrutinized. I will take the generous advice I've been given into consideration as I yet again revise the first few chapters.

I really like how the new plot is shaping up and I love the feed back I've been getting. Thank you so much to every one of my critters, who take time from their busy schedules to offer me such invaluable advice. It is deeply appreciated and I'm glad to return the favor whenever I can.

That brings me to another point, I offer my deepest apologies to those who I've yet to return a crit. I haven't forgotten any of you or any of the advice you've been kind enough to share with me. I have every intention of returning the favor when time and circumstances permit.

There have been so many writer's resources that I've benefited from that I can't thank you all enough for how much you've shown me and helped me to improve my craft. The books you've suggested have been very useful and continue to be well worth the initial investments for them.

As for the old {original} plot line, I've not only ceased posting the chapters for feed back from my fans, I've discontinued that particular story, because it's plot has been so heavily revised that it has become an entirely new story.

Thank you for your reviews. I love getting in depth feedback from my fans and readers. Your reviews help me to see exactly what is and is not working and why. So thank you all for taking time to send me those lovely reviews. Especially you, Kay.

Your reviews never fail to bring to light many aspects of each chapter that I sometimes failed to see. I'm glad that the characterization was the first thing that drew you to my story. I'm glad that you enjoy the diversity of my characters. I loved your description of Jason.

"He's not quite a sadist, or a playboy... he's like a freaking awesome mix of one! Haha, he still has a certain boyish charm about him."

You've pretty much pegged him perfectly. It's nice to see that you were able to really connect with him. That lets me know that what I was aiming for actually worked.

I love how exited you are in your reviews about many different aspects of the characters and the plot itself. Your continual reviews have been invaluable during my revisions. You've never failed to review each chapter and that means the world to me. So thank you once again.

To my very first and loyalist reader of my fan fics, YutiChan. Your continued support, especially through rough times, helps inspire me to continue writing new fics.

You've been a loyal fan from day one and I deeply appreciate how much you've helped me improve my writings over the past five years, with your constant encouragement and valued friendship.

Thank you tremendously for everything over the years. We both know that there have been several times, where I couldn't have gone on without you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Despite the wretched heat wave the last four days, I've had a serious break through on my Double Trouble novel. I have completely revised the story treatment and will be posting it for my crit group soon.

I also have a few minor tweaks left to make to the first three chapters and then they should be ready to post for input as well.

Also the genres have changed. These will be romances with sprinkles of the paranormal.

I have a solid plan and sales pitch for the second novel of the trilogy as well. I even have the bare bones of the plot down with no {that I can find anyways} major plot holes.

My plan as of now is still a trilogy but all three books will focus on one couple as opposed to a new couple each book. The first two will be from the heroine's POV and I'm thinking the third one would be best from the Hero's POV.

Any comments or suggestions on doing things that way? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. To my critters, I'll be posting the first novel's treatment up in the next available period. So keep an eye out for it, thanks.


On a more personal note, I finally watched the DVD my grandmother sent me. The funeral wasn't on it instead it was the disk of photos and some camcorder segments throughout the years. So it was basically a collage of stuff about granpa. I'm assuming it's the one they played at the funeral.

However, through watching the disk I've learned a lot about granpa that no one ever told me. For starters he was an Army medic during Vietnam. I was shocked to learn that, but thinking it over it makes sense. He always had a smile on his face and he just loved life. He loved flowers {that I knew} I saw a couple pictures of him actually breaking in a horse too.

I didn't know he smoked, but in the army pictures he's almost always got a cigarette or a cigar in his mouth. So it makes more sense as to why it was lung cancer that killed him last year. I think watching the DVD has helped to ease my mind over his loss.

My Heart still aches and will probably for the rest of my life. He was probably the most important and stable part of my rough childhood. Around him my worries stayed at bey. I will always miss him, but I know he's not suffering anymore and he passed at peace with our maker. I also know he wouldn't want me to stay sad over losing him. he'd want me to hold our memories in my heart and go on with my life, which is what I intend to do.

I purposefully made our last picture together back desktop background picture, because it brings a smile to my face no matter how sad I feel. I feel lighter looking at the picture and from time to time I can still hear him laughing.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I find myself standing at a crossroad. Currently it's all the funerals I've attended in the past five years and how many loved ones have passed in the past fifteen years.

The one that I think hit me the hardest was my grandfather passing away back in Nov 2010.

I remember when I was little he would pull down this wooden truck. The doors were yellow, the bed red, the hood green and the wheels blue. We would sit on the floor for many hours taking turns driving it around with our hands.

The main thing I remember about him is that he always made everyone around him smile no matter how bummed out they felt. Sometimes when I look at our last picture together from when my husband and I took the kids to meet their grandparents back in 2002, I can still hear him laughing.

The first couple of days I broke down into uncontrollable tears. Whenever I thought I had finally finished crying out my last tear, out of the blue another wave would crash over me. My heart would ache so bad that I could barely breathe and tears would rain from my eyes again.

My mother in law and my husband gathered the kids and we all went out to play my favorite game {ski ball} at the family center for the day. We spent over thirty dollars in quarters that day. Even then I couldn't stop my tears for longer than a few minutes. I felt as if I'd lost my childhood best friend.

Granpa wasn't particularly my confident or anything. Truth be told unless he was telling jokes or calling my sister Chalupa-ears, he was a man of few words. But he always brought a smile to my face and made me forget whatever was weighing me down, no matter how sad or lonely I was.

When he passed away I felt as if a dark, heavy cloud had cast over me and I could barely think of anything but how much I missed him and wished he was still around.

I only saw him during the weekends whenever I lived with my mother or the summers when I lived with my father. Bouncing between the two wasn't conductive to a feeling of having a stable home, so I guess in a way Granpa was my stability.

Every time I visited him, I would ask to go see the horses hoping he would teach me to ride the horse he always said was mine. Every time he'd be worn out {I thought from working on a ranch. Little did I know he actually owned the ranch.} and would promise we could go see them next time.

I never did get to see my horse, but when he tucked us in, he would tell us kids stories about how horses and the silly things they did during the week. Those stories always made me smile. He did show us pictures of the horses, but to this day I've never ridden one, least of all mine.

That's okay though, I enjoyed knowing I had a horse that was born the year I was. It gave me the ability to dream happy dreams of riding my horse, feeding her, petting her. My life was rough pretty much since I was six years old, so those dreams were a small rays of happiness for me.

I remember that when my parents wouldn't let me keep my dog {Snoopy} Granpa took her so I could still see her whenever I visited. Snoopy was my second dog, my first one was a Golden Retriever named Goldilocks.

I remember watching Granpa playing with Snoopy through the kitchen window as I did the dishes. He'd throw the frisbee and laugh as Snoopy darted after it and brought it back wagging his tail.

Granpa would scratch behind the dog's ears and kiss the top of his head, before hugging him. When I finished the dishes I would run outside and join in. We'd play with the frisbee until it started getting dark and then go inside.

Sometimes there were a couple of squires that would run across the ground and up the tree. We would laugh and watch their antics for about an hour. I would always sleep in my father's old bedroom with the old eight track. As I grew older that became a wine room with glass shelves of lookie-no-touchies and racks of wine. Then I got moved into my AUnt Patty's old room.

After Granpa died it took me many months to get back to my usual routines. For the first couple weeks I could barely do more than functioning on auto pilot. I had no chance of ever writing anything at that point, despite writing being what got me through losing my mother's mom to cancer three years prior.

It hasn't been quite a full eight months since he passed away, but I can look at his picture and hear him laughing. I don't cry anymore either. There are days when I feel like I will cry, but I manage to get through without crying.

Our final picture together is and has been my desktop background since he passed away. Two days ago I received a DVD of his funeral in the mail from my grandmother. Since our truck broke down in 2007 I couldn't go to his funeral, but we did send flowers.

He loved flowers of every variety. The DVD was specifically made for family in hopes of bringing back memories of happier times. I want to watch the DVD really bad, yet at the same time I'm worried that if I do watch it, I will break down in tears all over again.

Currently the DVD sits here in my desk opened but unwatched because part of me is afraid that his loss is still way too fresh and raw to risk watching it.

I stare at it night and day wondering what all is on it besides the funeral. I've even picked it up several times in the last 48 hours and been tempted to play it, but so far I end up placing it back unwatched.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally An Update.

My apologies for my long absence. Way too much has been going on.

For starters we lost my husband's grandfather last month. So we have been taking things one day at a time.

Secondly we've had wild weather again this year. Temperatures going as high as heat index of 135 today, we have one more day like that tomorrow and then back to the torrential rains. Our driveway has been getting flooded a lot lately.

Suffice it to say life as been extremely hectic around here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's been a while, huh? After losing granpa like we did it's been rough, but I'm back on my feet and ready to tackle writing again. XD

Let's start with fanfiction updates...

Worst Nightmare is officially completed.

Stormy Knight Seduction is a little over half done.

My Enemy My Friend is going strong.

Against All Odds is slowly coming along. I don't get much time to work on this one lately, but I will.

Bankotsu's Sensual Education is on the back burner currently.

Small Youkai Lovers is slow going. I need to figure out a good solid plot line for this one.

Now onto the progress of my novels.

Double Trouble is being completely revised. I have the first chapter and a half finished. The plot is looking nice and solid with no holes in it.

It's two sequels are still being planned out. I have a basic plot for each of them, but can't really write anything in stone for them yet until DT is finalized.

The Caspians is being revised. I'm slowly bringing together a whole new plot for this one. One that might just end up as a series.