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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's just around the corner and this year I'm going to enter. In fact, I've already registered and completely signed up. I've been getting pretty active in the forums lately too.

So, down to business.

Currently I still have a few plot kinks to iron out and I still have to finish getting to know my villain inside and out. Otherwise, I'm ready to go.

Plot Synopsis:

Kanda, the Chiyoshi princess, has rare powers which the council wants passed down to the next generation. Both of her parents are dead, which has caused strife for the elders since she is only seventeen and cannot officially ascend to the throne until she turns eighteen.

Tohon, the youngest son of a rival clan’s leader, would rather spend his time out in the battlefield then be tied down to some woman. When his older brother dies at the hands of an enemy, Tohon is forced to take his brother’s place as the new soon-to-be head of the family.

With no one officially on the throne rival clans are positioning to take eradicate Kanda's people. With the help of Elan, her childhood friend and the closet thing she has to a brother, she must battle their most fearsome enemies and keep her powers from falling into the hands of evil in order to prevent worldwide chaos.


As you can see the synopsis is finished. I can't wait for Nov 1st to arrive so that I can start the first chapter. I will let everyone know how I do when the time comes. XD



Last night I was talking over my plot idea with a close friend of mine and a new fan of my fanfictions and together managed to get over my crux of working out a viable crucible for the villain in my novel entry. Now the flood gates have opened and my creative juices are flowing nice and smooth. I now have a solid Fantasy element for the novel. Thank you both so much. XD

As you can see a lot more of the plot is ironed out now. Just a little more smoothing out to do with pieces of it and then I'll be ready to type the chapters up. I went with Indian names for my characters thus far. Something new for me as I'm usually using Japanese or American names.

Right now I'm breaking the scenes down into chapters and working up a followable treatment for it. After that I'll figure out the weak spots and go back and strengthen them.

Kanda translates to Magical Powers. Since my MC has unique magical powers I fell this name suits her perfectly.

Tohon translates to Cougar. Since he is the MC's love interest and the Hero, strong and fearless, and the Chiyashi are a cat people race, I feel this suits him best.

Elan translates to friendly. Since Kanda's childhood best friend is very friendly, I feel this names suits him best.

Wow, preparing an entire novel in less than a full month has been a real challenge, but I'm glad it's all working out. Best of all I have the full support of my husband behind me for this writing endeavor. It is a huge relief to have him backing me on taking such a huge step towards my ultimate goal.

He is the light of my life and so are our kids. To know they are behind me is the best motivation in the world. Everyone supporting my decisions and wishing me luck is so awesome. I wouldn't have the courage to take such a big step without all of you backing me.

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