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Friday, December 30, 2011

Current Activities.

Currently a friend of mine, who is a more experienced writer than I am, is going through my Nano novel and doing a thorough critique for it. Thanks so much for doing this, I really appreciate it.

While she does that I'm expanding my notes for my Double Trouble manuscript. Tonight I'm doing thorough notes for deepening the characterizations.

I know some of you really like them, but I went through it and can see there is still room to improve them. I've been working on writing out the rest of the MS. I have manged to write out a chapter and a half for it in the past few days.

I will not post the particulars about the plot, for obvious reasons, but I will post updates about the progress I'm making.


  1. You're welcome :) I'm actually enjoying the process more or less, and it helps shut down my inner editor when I write. You should try doing it for someone some time.

    Good luck with the rest of what you're doing, and Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New year to you as well. Thanks and I will. I actually used to beta for a dozen different people on ffnet, but lately no one sends anything, cause real life kicks in.