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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good News!

After weighing the pros and cons very carefully, I have decided to to take a risk and release an e-book Novella {basically the first five chapters} of Dangerous Temptation, before the full novel is finished. I had to change the title of Double Trouble, because I did a search and found thirty seven books titled "Double Trouble" and most were eroticas... Not the impression I want my title to give since it's a Paranormal Romance.

Tentative release date early June 2012.

The differences between the two are as follows.

Obviously the Novella will be a condensed version, containing a partial story, and will be available for free You heard right. It will be free.

The full length novel scheduled for a late 2013 release, will contain the entire story, beginning to end and be much longer, as it will have the plot completely fleshed out. It will also cost to buy this one.

Everybody says "You must promote your book before it's released." Well, this is the strategy I've come up with to do so.

Why am I doing this? I want to test the waters among Fantasy/Romance readers, to see what kind of following this book will actually have.

Is it risky? You bet! However, I'm confident enough that once people read the Novella, my readers will anticipate the release of the full novel. I'm also confident enough in the quality of my writing, to put it out there for others to see.

Am I being egotistical? Not at all! I strongly feel this is a great way to help promote the book. I mean, who doesn't like getting stuff for free, right?

It could either a: promote my book, in effect letting the content "sell" itself, gaining a wide interest, or b: destroy my chances at getting the full book taken seriously. I'm well aware of how either outcome can affect my future writing endeavors and I'm prepared for whatever the outcome will be.

I'm taking all the risks. Is it smart? That is debatable. Many authors will say "You're crazy!" What can I say? I'm a risk taker. Anyone not willing to take a risk, will never know if they would have failed or succeeded.

Should you take the same risk? That is a choice every author must make for themselves. You must weigh all options, pros, and cons, included very carefully before deciding.

What kind of marketing strategies have you decided to use or used? DO you pay for advertisements on other websites? Use your own website? Spam twitter with promos? What are your opinions on this idea? Are you for or against it? Why?

Be sure to check back often, for regular updates and further details


  1. That is awesome i am so happy for you!! Congratulations on getting your work published and i will be sure to be on the look out for it ^_^

    1. Thanks. Your support means a lot to me.

      Hubby is working on the cover art already. We've just about got the character how I want her. Next will be the background scenery and then the small details. XD