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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interview with Evie Balos

Hello bloggers. I have a surprise for you. Today I'm conducting my first blog interview. Please help me extend a warm welcome to erotic romance writer Evie Balos.

Hello Evie, and welcome to Kitty’s Inner Thoughts. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. You are a traditionally published author, so tell us a little about your experiences.

What are some of the ways you stay inspired during the grueling process of writing and revising your books?

Writing has always been a highly enjoyable experience for me and, believe it or not, I actually like editing too. The only time I feel the need to draw extra inspiration is when I hit writer’s block. I step away from the story but eventually, my characters call me back to finish the work.

What were your feelings when your first novel was accepted and when you first saw the cover of the finished product?

A whole mix of emotions—from relief and elation to anxiousness about marketing the book. Mostly, I was proud of myself; the hard work had finally paid off.

What are some of your favorite elements of writing paranormal?

Although I write other subgenres, paranormal gives the author the flexibility to create just about any type of world and this is what I enjoy the most.

What are some of the differences between writing romance and writing erotica?

The main differences are heat level; explicit sexual scenes, and these are a focal point in erotica, whereas in romance, the focus is on the romantic relationship. Also, true erotica can lack “romance” altogether and often does not involve traditional relationships.

Do you blush when writing the steamy scenes?

Rarely. Writing erotic romance and erotica is part of my life. However, I won’t let my parents near my books, lol.

What is something your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

Oh my. I don’t know...maybe that I’m almost sure I was a cat in another life?

What inspired Wicked Angel? What are some of the tricks you use for creating sexual tension between your characters?

When Cobblestone Press launched its Blue line (erotica), I instantly wanted to write a story for it. Very short, very hot. Somehow, I knew I’d go with a paranormal angle, and as I love law enforcement, the idea of creating a warrior angel popped into my head soon after.

I create sexual tension mostly through the general challenge that the two characters face, whether it’s a taboo relationship, or there’s animosity of some kind. I never make it easy for them. Mix in some sizzling physical attraction that can’t be immediately satisfied, and there’s the sexual edge.

What are some of the difficulties you run into with creating alpha males?

Well, certainly some headaches, since all of my heroes are alpha, lol. I’d say that I have two challenges with this. One is not going overboard with the alpha personality because the hero certainly can’t be cruel or obnoxious. The other is the need to create different types of alphas for each story, so that means coming up with a variety of heroes that are intrinsically different, yet still alpha.

Share with us the different platforms you use to sell your book (bookstores, signing, affiliate programs, website etc.)

As far as marketing goes, I try to keep it simple to be honest, because it takes up a lot of time. I use my website, blog, Twitter and Yahoo group as basic networking tools. I advertise at a few review sites and my publishers take care of book reviews for the most part. I participate in various online chats and author/reader events as much as possible, as well as doing fun interviews like this. I hope to be able to attend a Romantic Times Convention one of these days!

What would you do differently with the publishing of your next book?

I have considered some self-pubbing in the near future, so my next book might be available exclusively at Amazon and its affiliates.

Anything important or special you would like to add?

If your followers are interested in erotic romance, I’ve got two paranormal titles with Cobblestone Press that have received rave reviews, (Dhampir Desire series) and a contemporary title with Total-E-Bound called Give it to Me Spicy.

Thank you for spending time with us today and sharing some of your experiences with us. Hope to hear from you again, Evie!

Kitty, I’ve really enjoyed your questions, and thank you for having me!

Bloggers, be sure to check out Evie's Website, Evie's Blog, and books. You won’t be disappointed. You can read my review for Wicked Angel too.

You can also follow Evie on Twitter.

Next week we will be joined by Author Krista D. Ball. A master of world building. She writes sci-fi and paranormal romances.


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