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Saturday, June 5, 2010


That's what life has been lately.

My sister is pregnant a 4th time {this time with multiples} She's in her 6th month and STILL hasn't seen a doctor yet...

My cousin's husband just yesterday had a scare thinking he had a brain mass {which turned out to be a blood clot due to his stroke} so now they are settling down.

Thank you everyone for the prayers. My cousin and the rest of us deeply appreciate them.

Plus, I'm looking for a part time job.

The weather has been crazy with storms hitting and missing every few days for the past 3 weeks.

The heat of summer {between the rain and tornadoes} keeps things so hot that I can only write in the we morning hours when it won't be too hot to run the PC.

All of this combined means I've barely had time to do any writing lately, let alone any of my normal critting.

However, I am going to do a quick update on all my current works in progress.

At least my insomnia comes in handy for something {finally}

So here we go:

The Caspians: {My Tiger/Shifter Race Erotica/Fantasy Novel}

- Research is almost completed.

- The Story Treatment is completed.

- Chapter one is currently being posted at my crit groups for it's turn of being ripped apart so I can rewrite it even stronger.


My Erotica Trilogy:

Double Trouble:

- Is currently under heavy revision for the first 14 completed chapters.

- The Story Treatment is also being revised for the newer and deeper plot.

The Second One:{currently untitled}

- Has the Story Treatment being smoothed out as I finish up the first novel.

The Third one: {currently untitled}

- Has ideas forming as I further write the second's treatment up and finish the first novel.

Over all the trilogy is shaping up nicely. I know the overall plot for the entire trilogy, now I'm just ironing each piece out to spread over the series. Focusing one book at a time for the nitty-gritty ironing out.


A Lifetime OF Trials: {My Western Romance Novel}

- Is still being planned out. It's currently under heavy duty research while I iron out the kinks and write up the Story Treatment. I have the overall idea written up, just need to flesh it out and get down to the smaller details.


So that's it for updates on my current Works In Progress.

I've also made a mental note to choose one and stick to just it until I have completed the Manuscript.

My main hinderance with this is that Plot Bunnies just won't leave me alone. So lists get added as they pop into my mind for each novel.

But my main focus {when I can write} for now is on just one novel. D.T. since it's the closest to actually being completed.

Caspians will be next. For this term of posting, I'm ironing out the first chapter of Caspians while it's fresh in my mind.


  1. When I was much younger I would browse the library section for my age and usually walk away from the shelf with maybe one book in my hand. I used to say to myself that one day I'd write a fantastic book for YA because I could never find what I was looking for. Well that kinda left me as time went on and I got too busy to go to the library as much. Recently this year I formed another idea in my head and I want to give it a shot. We'll see how much I can write up for it...

    But anyway, I've been reading your posts and I had no idea whatsoever about what it *really* takes to write a book!! Maybe I should wait another few years when I'm not so sensitive anymore!! You're a good one, 'cause I could never plan out so many books all at once.

  2. Thank you Wish. My problem is I have way too many ideas crowding my mind all at once. So I do what I can to organize each of them into a folder of their own.

    Each novel has it's own folder, including notes, ideas, scenes, ect. All labeled as such.

    My main focus is just getting the Story Treatments done first. As the ideas grow, the treatment grows. Then that gets ironed out when I focus on it.

    In fact, I just had an idea hit for midway through Double Trouble, yesterday and quickly typed up my notes on it, lol.

    I'm still pretty raw on certain parts myself, but I have to remind myself practice, practice, practice. It's the only way to learn.

    As for the crits, I have to remind myself they are directed at the writing itself and not me personally. All new authors do.

    Good luck and God Bless,