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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Holy Mackerel

Good gracious. All of these floods in the past two weeks are hammering home the meaning of the old, but true saying - 'Treat everyday as if it may be your last.'

China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia, Haiti, have all been hit with floods, all in a mere two weeks.

Plus here in the United States Of America, Arkansas had twenty killed out of over 300 people. Leaving families torn and grieving. In Oklahoma City, there was at least one death, and now Kansas City was hit by a flood.

Not to mention the tropical storms, and the 7.5 earthquake out under the Indian Ocean, which caused damage in the form of landslides in the surrounding lands.

It really makes a person think hard.

I'd like to send out prayers to all of the victims' families in their times of need.

Here in Missouri we've been suffering a massive heatwave. Temperatures over 100 degrees, with up to 95% humidity {If I wanted that, I'd have stayed in Texas.} and heat indexes of between 115-130 degrees.

At least today we got back to normal temperatures. The heat advisories have finally gotten dismissed.

Now maybe I can get back to a normal schedule. :P

Okay writing info:

I've updated all four of my current fanfictions in the last couple weeks.

I just need to polish it up, and then I can post the next chapter of The Caspians.

I've made headway hammering out more of the Story Treatment for Double Trouble.

That's about it. Between the massive heat, housework, and kids, I haven't had much time for writing.


  1. 'Treat everyday as if it may be your last.' Such an important thing to bear in mind. I think I'll go and give my fiance two hugs just in case! Disasters like these really make you think 'But for the grace of God, there goes I'. I thank my lucky stars that there hasn't been a major bush fire sweep close to, or through, the homes of my loved ones.