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Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's here!

Late last night shortly after midnight I received a call from my mother telling me that my nephew Justin Giovanni Castellanos has arrived. Mother and son are both doing fine. He was a healthy 7lbs 6ozs. That is my sister's biggest {and last} child. {It's also smaller than my smallest 7lbs 9.5 ozs} My sister has always wanted four. Two girls and Two boys, which she now has.

Around 8pm last night we received a call informing us my sister was at the hospital having contractions, but the doctor was going to try to let her have him normally. {despite knowing that she's had to have c sections since the second one {which tried to come breach.}

When her contractions registered a 60, he quickly changed his mind and went in prepping for a c section. {Thank God for that, because having it normal could have very well killed both mother and child.} When contractions register 60 everything is good, but 70 is enough to crush the baby's skull...

I just got a call from my sister and she said she is finished having kids. She's had her tubes cut, burned, and tied.

Long story short the baby has arrived {wasn't due until Sept 3rd {sis's bday} and both mother and child are fine. Now maybe my cramps will lighten up. {They have been much harder than normal the last 24 hours} So all's well that ends well XD

In other news....

The weather is finally leveling out to a cool 95 degrees {yay!} so I should be able to write more often.

Oh and we recently got a new kitten his name is Whiskers {he has both white and black whiskers - hence his name} He's very hyper and has tuff of red fur over the black on his head that reminds us of Stripe {the Gremlin leader from the movie Gremlins} He's adorable and is a quick learner. Man is that kitten fast!

Our last cat {Ash Boy} went missing 10 weeks ago, but his mate has delivered one last litter of his kittens and I have been offered first choice XD

Ash was quick, but not like Whiskers. He's a great mouser too since he spent four weeks in a barn with his mama.

Okay that's it for this post XD

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