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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For those of you following my sister's pregnancy news, the baby has dropped a 4th time in two weeks. She wasn't due until September, but I have a feeling after the doctor's visit tomorrow, we will be told it's coming sooner than she thinks. She hasn't even been able to see her feet since barely into her third month and now all of a sudden she can see her feet peeking out when she sits down.

The baby boy {yes single, not plural like everyone originally thought} was estimated to be approximately around 15lbs in Sept. He's about 12 and 1/2lbs even now.

This is her fourth {and hopefully last} kid. She's sick of being pregnant and seriously stressed over being put on maternity leave after it's born. Without her working, they won't be able to cover their bills.

I'll update again when I find out how the doctor appointment tomorrow went.

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