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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Despite the wretched heat wave the last four days, I've had a serious break through on my Double Trouble novel. I have completely revised the story treatment and will be posting it for my crit group soon.

I also have a few minor tweaks left to make to the first three chapters and then they should be ready to post for input as well.

Also the genres have changed. These will be romances with sprinkles of the paranormal.

I have a solid plan and sales pitch for the second novel of the trilogy as well. I even have the bare bones of the plot down with no {that I can find anyways} major plot holes.

My plan as of now is still a trilogy but all three books will focus on one couple as opposed to a new couple each book. The first two will be from the heroine's POV and I'm thinking the third one would be best from the Hero's POV.

Any comments or suggestions on doing things that way? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. To my critters, I'll be posting the first novel's treatment up in the next available period. So keep an eye out for it, thanks.


On a more personal note, I finally watched the DVD my grandmother sent me. The funeral wasn't on it instead it was the disk of photos and some camcorder segments throughout the years. So it was basically a collage of stuff about granpa. I'm assuming it's the one they played at the funeral.

However, through watching the disk I've learned a lot about granpa that no one ever told me. For starters he was an Army medic during Vietnam. I was shocked to learn that, but thinking it over it makes sense. He always had a smile on his face and he just loved life. He loved flowers {that I knew} I saw a couple pictures of him actually breaking in a horse too.

I didn't know he smoked, but in the army pictures he's almost always got a cigarette or a cigar in his mouth. So it makes more sense as to why it was lung cancer that killed him last year. I think watching the DVD has helped to ease my mind over his loss.

My Heart still aches and will probably for the rest of my life. He was probably the most important and stable part of my rough childhood. Around him my worries stayed at bey. I will always miss him, but I know he's not suffering anymore and he passed at peace with our maker. I also know he wouldn't want me to stay sad over losing him. he'd want me to hold our memories in my heart and go on with my life, which is what I intend to do.

I purposefully made our last picture together back desktop background picture, because it brings a smile to my face no matter how sad I feel. I feel lighter looking at the picture and from time to time I can still hear him laughing.

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