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Monday, September 26, 2011

An update and Thanks.

Let's see if I can finally start doing this at regular intervals again. With winter coming, the heat will no longer be an issue. Now onto my current updates.

Fan Fiction News:

Stormy Knight Seduction - Has officially ended. I posted the final chapter yesterday. I'm 80% happy with the final version of the story. So I'm satisfied with it being completed.

Next one on the agenda is Bankotsu's Greatest Challenge. I'm approximately nine chapters away from completing this one. I have the plot all laid out, just need to actually write up the chapters, edit, finalize and then post them.

My Enemy My Friend will be next on the fanfic agenda. All I can say for sure is it's at least half finished at this point.

I have no clue how long any of the rest will actually turn out to be.

Small Youkai Lovers - Is going to be completely revised.

Irony Is A Bitch - Is being written chapter by chapter with no solid plan for the plot. I have notes of course, but no solid plot actually planned out. A new experiment I'm toying with in order to challenge my writing abilities.

Against All Odds - This one is another story that is being done one chapter at a time, with minimal notes and nothing set in stone except a few minor details such as who the couples will be. {That, dear readers, is for me to know, and you to figure out as the story progresses.}

Novels News:

Double Trouble, my current WIP, is coming along nicely. I've received some insightful tips on how to continue to improve this ones plot line. The first few chapters are going to be heavily scrutinized. I will take the generous advice I've been given into consideration as I yet again revise the first few chapters.

I really like how the new plot is shaping up and I love the feed back I've been getting. Thank you so much to every one of my critters, who take time from their busy schedules to offer me such invaluable advice. It is deeply appreciated and I'm glad to return the favor whenever I can.

That brings me to another point, I offer my deepest apologies to those who I've yet to return a crit. I haven't forgotten any of you or any of the advice you've been kind enough to share with me. I have every intention of returning the favor when time and circumstances permit.

There have been so many writer's resources that I've benefited from that I can't thank you all enough for how much you've shown me and helped me to improve my craft. The books you've suggested have been very useful and continue to be well worth the initial investments for them.

As for the old {original} plot line, I've not only ceased posting the chapters for feed back from my fans, I've discontinued that particular story, because it's plot has been so heavily revised that it has become an entirely new story.

Thank you for your reviews. I love getting in depth feedback from my fans and readers. Your reviews help me to see exactly what is and is not working and why. So thank you all for taking time to send me those lovely reviews. Especially you, Kay.

Your reviews never fail to bring to light many aspects of each chapter that I sometimes failed to see. I'm glad that the characterization was the first thing that drew you to my story. I'm glad that you enjoy the diversity of my characters. I loved your description of Jason.

"He's not quite a sadist, or a playboy... he's like a freaking awesome mix of one! Haha, he still has a certain boyish charm about him."

You've pretty much pegged him perfectly. It's nice to see that you were able to really connect with him. That lets me know that what I was aiming for actually worked.

I love how exited you are in your reviews about many different aspects of the characters and the plot itself. Your continual reviews have been invaluable during my revisions. You've never failed to review each chapter and that means the world to me. So thank you once again.

To my very first and loyalist reader of my fan fics, YutiChan. Your continued support, especially through rough times, helps inspire me to continue writing new fics.

You've been a loyal fan from day one and I deeply appreciate how much you've helped me improve my writings over the past five years, with your constant encouragement and valued friendship.

Thank you tremendously for everything over the years. We both know that there have been several times, where I couldn't have gone on without you.

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