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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starting Out

Ever since I first started writing fanfiction back on 06-03-07 I've been told that Characterization is my strongest point in writing, so that's one hurdle crossed. Next is the overall flow, I'm good there too. I rarely have a choppy place in my writings. So that's a second hurdled crossed. I'm really good at taking even the harshest criticisms with a grain of salt, so there is a third hurdle crossed.

My weakest point is punctuation {mainly commas} I'm fair on the grammar and learning more each day. When I first started writing, action/battle scenes were my absolute weakest part. I've improved on those and even started incorporating some of my Martial Arts hands on experiences and knowledge into those, to keep them realistic.

But I'm far from done or 'safe' yet lol. Man oh man, who knew how grueling the craft of writing actually gets? I figured, 'hey I'm doing well in fanfics, maybe I'll try a novel now' Boy was that naive of me!

They are two completely different styles. But hey, what is life without a few challenges to spice things up, right? Writing is in my blood and I can't spend a day without writing at least something.

The point of this blog is start circulating my name and some examples of my works, but also {and IMHO more importantly} to help educate aspiring authors like myself.

So coming soon I will post another blog, all about the differences between fanfiction writing and novel writing. So tune in for that one. XD

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