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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that it would be such a pain to classify a novel, or that every tiny aspect would be ripped apart?

Okay, I'm normally very good at accepting criticism, but give me a break! I'm writing a Erotica Fantasy, not a sci-fi, so must people rip apart every little detail about the MC's powers. It's called fantasy for a reason, and sci-fi is so boring to write.

The scientists nit pick even the components and the amounts. I thought the entire point in writing fantasy was to use your imagination. What do elixirs have to do with scientific compounds and molecular structure?

I'm told for Fantasy 'it must contain some element of Magic' Uh hello, elixir, not compound! Geeze, I have fixed the scientist's notes, I have researched proper components for the DNA altering aspect, and the elixir is something that can't be explained by science.

This is not a YA novel. YA doesn't allow erotica and probably doesn't even allow sex. Just because the heroine is a teenage junior agent who went undercover at 15, doesn't IMHO make it YA.

Erotica, means that 'the sexual relations must drive the plot forward.' That is what I'm doing.

Are they going to rip apart my Tiger-People Race for a different novel next? I mean come on already, I love getting feedback on my ideas, but this is ridiculous. Pay attention to the headings, please.

I'm told by others, that sci-fi must have some basis in reality. Okay what about the warp drive on the USS Enterprise. That isn't even possible right now, yet alone 40 years ago. Yet Star Trek is undeniably sci-fi.

Now I'm going to add a tiny rant here, but correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the whole object behind writing for the author to use and 'exercise' their imagination? Why ruin the 'fun' of creativity by scrutinizing every single aspect, down to the scientific molecules, or the ingredients in a magic potion? It totally frustrates the writer who until then was enjoying their time writing.

I'm told 'It's supposed to be a compliment' While it is a compliment, it's also depressing and a real confidence smasher. Especially for new writers who aren't very confident whether it be in themselves or their craft, It can be rather daunting. And I think that the more experienced writers need to consider that from time to time. So, if you're going to pick everything apart, be sure to compliment a few things that came off well to you as well. That way the author won't feel overwhelmed by all the negative feedback.

This is the key reason I'm such a firm believer in my motto: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement." In my crits I do point out the bad. Let's face it, we're all out here to learn from our mistakes, right? But, I make it a point to let them know the good parts as well, to help balance the rest.

I'm so confused right now it's not even funny. The only thing classification factor that I 100% know about my novel is it is definitely erotica. So for now, I will just classify it as Erotica. I will figure out the secondary classification for it later.


Now for the second big complaint: My escape scenes. Originally I planned to have the MC {a trained assassin from child hood} use shuriken to take out the guards. That got shot down as 'unrealistic' because the guards have guns.

I beg to differ. An experienced Martial Artist could easily throw the shuriken in time and aim for vital places. Ever watched a martial arts movie? Shuriken are fast and accurate. The Martial Artist can read the body language of the guards before the bullets even fire, they can be moved out of the way.

Second idea was 'hey it's erotica, why not have her seduce them?' Now this was shot down for what I feel is a valid point. Time is of the essence here as she is escaping the compound and leading some soldiers out as well, So that one I will let slide.

I'm tired of guns. They are so over done in novels and movies - even laser guns. So this MC has an aversion to guns. She prefers her shuriken most times or a more hands on approach.

So I'm going back to the first option {shuriken} and throwing in a nice little twist. Wait until you see what I've come up with this time. XD

Don't get me wrong. I'm not ungrateful in the least. In fact, I deeply appreciate the tips and tricks and the multitude of advice I'm getting. I have learned so much from just the few pieces I've posted so far. It's just the nit picking to the tinniest of details is starting to grow old and my frustration is mounting, thus my need to start a blog where I can express myself.

Oh well I'm committed to getting this novel {Double Trouble} polished and published, so I shall grit my teeth and accept the crits with grace and maturity, and trudge on. You can't keep this country gal down for long!

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